Ralph Lewis

Ralph is a Leadership Development consultant and coach working with people at all levels in a variety of organizations. This includes working as a Programme Director at London Business School working with a number of blue chip organizations.

His work involves leadership programmes, coaching individuals and groups, running skills workshops and facilitating business meetings. It also includes team building and innovation and performance strategies. He runs action learning groups in the private and public sectors dealing with issues of business challenges and leadership.

Ralph has worked in the computing, pharmaceutical, finance, and public sectors and geographically in Europe, USA, Asia, Africa and Australia. He did training for the British Council in Nigeria and Burma and has worked as a coach and run workshops for the Civil Service and a number of charities. Recently he has spent five years running workshops in Uganda for their Health sector. He co-founded the Greenleaf Centre for Servant-Leadership in the UK.

He worked as an engineer before spending one year teaching Maths on VSO in Uganda. He then retrained as a systems analyst before becoming a university lecturer at Cranfield School of Management and then setting up his own company to offer leadership development.


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