Hindsight – That wonderful gift

Can any one of us say that looking back over their life that every decision they have made could not have been improved by the knowledge we gained through examining the results of those decisions? “If only I’d known was going to happen, I would have ……”

Even at the simplest level – we go for a meal and choose a dish which appeals to us, only for it to disappoint. So next time …..

If we look at more complex decisions the chances of improvement through hindsight are multiplied hugely.

In a world of uncertainties, Box 4, there is one incontrovertible fact:

There will always be improvements we could make to decisions and plans we make if only we had all possible facts.

But we know that in Box 4 situations all the facts will never be available at the time a decision must be made or a plan formulated.

The golden rule:

Make a decision – formulate a plan based on what you know


Be prepared to change the plan when further facts become available.

In the world of uncertainty, the alternative of waiting for more and more information will result in no decisions being made nor plans formulated – doing nothing will almost always result in the worst outcomes.

So, when people say “looking at what happened, you should have ….”

Smile knowingly to yourself  – another critic who always knows better after the event but who was missing when action needed to be taken.