Books & Articles by the Adept Team


Individual Excellence, Kogan Page, 1992

Management Development Beyond the Fringe, Kogan Page, 1994

Teamwork One Day Workshop Package

Time Management One Day Workshop Package


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator/Jung’s Theory:

Training Implications of Work Preferences, 1978

Working and Learning – Identifying Your Preferred Style, 1979

Career Development: Meeting Individual and Organisational Needs, 1980

Management Educators and their Clients, 1980

The Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, 1981

Mapping Managerial Style, 1981

Diagnosing Type: Problems and Opportunities, 1991

A Jungian Guide to Competencies, 1993

Psychological Type and Time, 1994

Personal Excellence – Type in Everyday Life, 1996


Management Education and Training

Individual Excellence 1992

Teamwork 1992

Time management 1992

Management Development Outdoors, 1994

Management Development Beyond the Fringe 1994

Outdoor Learning Exercises for Managers, 1996

Outdoor Management Development: A Critical Introduction, 2002

Developing Inner Leadership

Servant-Leadership: Bringing the Spirit of Work to Work

Squaring the Circle; a History of the Lindley Educational Trust, 2015



Beyond the Peter Principle, 1981

Managing Change, 1992

Career Management for All, 1993

Old? New? Borrowed? True? Some questions about the rise of emotional intelligence

Journal of the Institute of Training and Organisational Learning October 1999

Pearls of Wisdom? – A challenge to the SMART  paradigm. 2012

From Chaos to Complexity – Implications for Organisations, 1994

The Assessment of People – Personality and Competencies,1999

Career Management for All, 1993



The Four Functions of Organisations, 1992

Strategy and Organisational Development, 1992

From Chaos to Complexity – Implications for Organisations, 1994

Taking Care of Business: Innovation, Ethics and Sustainability, 2013