Dr Bill Krouwel

Following work in corporate training and HR, Bill’s career has been in development training, with a particular focus on providing imaginative and relevant programmes for managers, and other employees.

He has spent time in higher education, working as a Senior Lecturer in experiential education, but the main body of his work has been in developing managers in the corporate sector.

Bill finds that elements of art, theatre and film can work very well as development tools – especially when woven into the fabric of outdoor-based programmes. They provide a wider approach which seems to provoke greater reflection than comes from single- medium programmes. In particular, Bill has been a committed advocate (and developer) of the Czech mixed-media approach known as dramaturgy.

He co-designed the original and highly creative ‘John Grimes’ 24-hour immersive exercise, and has probably delivered it more times than any two other trainers.

Reflecting his long and successful relationship with the corporate world, Bill holds an MA in management learning and a Doctorate in education. He is also a qualified MBTI and FIRO B practitioner.

Guaranteed not boring!


Research (and practice) Interests: Those forms of outdoor and experiential learning in which activity in the outdoors is used as a vehicle for process-based reflection, so that the outdoors is a medium, but the message is  around personal or group development. This was the ultimate focus of his Doctoral research.


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Outdoor Learning Exercises for Managers. (1996) , London, Kogan Page. (with Steve Goodwill).

Outdoor Management Development: A Critical Introduction (2002).  Liverpool, ITOL.

Taking Care of Business: Innovation, Ethics and Sustainability (2013). Cluj, Risoprint (with Andrew Taylor).

Squaring the Circle; a History of the Lindley Educational Trust (2015 – in Press). Castleton, Lindley Educational Trust. 

Papers (selection):

Old? New? Borrowed? True? Some questions about the rise of emotional intelligence. Journal of the Institute of Training and Organisational Learning October 1999

From Lewin to Lawnmower Racing in Twenty Years…. Reflections on the current state of outdoor Management Development (2001) Journal of the Institute of Training and Organisational Learning 11.01

Welcome to Outdoorsland. Horizons, February 2006.

Pearls of Wisdom? – a challenge to the SMART  paradigm. Horizons, May 2012.

The above is a selection. They are supported by a large number of papers, articles and conference presentations, dating from 1980 to the present. Since 2002, the papers have taken an increasingly critical view of the taken-for-granteds of performative outdoor and management learning.

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