Barry Aiken, MBA, CFCIPD

Barry’s work as a consultant has included extensive experience of designing and delivering a wide variety of skill and personal development programmes, especially in the areas of Leadership, Performance Management, Effective Teams and Customer Relationship management. He coaches a range of individuals including CEO’s, managers and specialists to assist them to increase their effectiveness within their organisations. The clients with whom he works are both from the Public and Private sectors.
He is presently running a complex 24-hour exercise, as part of a Leadership and Management programme for London Business School. This exercise is designed to help participants understand and develop their Leadership styles, problems solving capability and above all their ability to communicate and lead diverse teams faced with uncertainty and change.
His work includes developing and delivering Leadership Development Training for:
 The European Leadership team of OSI, a world leader in providing quality products and custom solutions for the food industry. The programmes are designed to develop the abilities of their senior teams to lead and manage in this highly competitive and ever changing sector right across the different cultural styles in their organisations in Europe.
 A large Housing Association, which owns and manages nearly 60,000 homes, employs around 3,000 members of staff, and provides services for more than 120,000 customers nationwide. This sector has been facing, and continues to face, a radically changing environment both from Government and client pressures. The management teams are having to learn to operate in a much more commercial setting, whilst maintaining its social ethos. The development programme is wide ranging, looking at management and leadership styles, managing change, creating high performance teams and changing cultural norms. It involves a combination of 4 day programmes with on-going coaching.
 A Global computer company – creating and delivering Development training to their Customer Service division, both at management and engineer level.
Barry’s prior experience was as HR Director at European level for major global corporations and he was deeply involved in merger and organisational restructuring and executing culture change.
Barry operates in the UK, Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. and has in-depth experience of using many different psychometric tools.
He has had significant experience of designing and using 3600 instruments in order to facilitate learning and development.

Qualifications and Membership of professional Bodies
Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Personnel and Development; Masters in Business Administration; Qualified and very experienced in using MBTI; OPQ; FIRO; Situational Leadership and Followership; LPI and ADEPT’s own ADQ; Resilience Questionnaire; Organisational and Team Preferences

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