Developing Successful Teams


  • Individuals performing to their strengths – leading to
  • Dramatically improved achievement of team goals
  • Effective Team Processes
  • Positive meetings
  • Self-Motivated Teams

Key Features

Programmes can take place off or on site, with advantages to either approach:
  • It sometimes helps to have real life meetings observed, and get feedback on improving performance.
  • Sometimes, off-site workshops can be used to develop team effectiveness in a more structured way.

In either case the benefits can be dramatic, and covers all areas of team functions

Every team is a unique blend of individuals with a unique job to do, so each programme is custom-built to suit those unique needs.

The Team Spirit Spiral

A typical programme is based on the Team spirit spiral:

Team Spirit Spiral

and contains:
  • Team Readiness Evaluation – health-checking the ability of members to work together to achieve team objectives
  • Individual/group psychometrics - Helping individuals to understand their preferred way of working using Myers-Briggs, ADQ, and Organisational Preferences, the effect of these preferences on others, and the team “mix”
  • Group Problem Solving - Understanding, evaluating and improving the process
  • Team Roles - Helping individuals/teams to understand their preferred team roles
  • Group Facilitation - Clarifying team purpose, objectives, and customer-relationships.
  • Depending on the circumstances we use a variety of short and long complex indoor/outdoor exercises to illustrate real team behaviours and facilitate feedback to individuals on their real behaviours and impact.

We complete the teambuilding cycle by bringing the parts together through a team action plan enabling its members to achieve team objectives and purposes.

A review day, some three months later, consolidates implementation.
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