Developing Interpersonal Skills


The starting point for all ADEPT people skills programmes is that:

We deal with Change in a Positive Pro-Active way

We use and develop the core skills of listening and expressing as the foundation on which to build other, more specialised, people skills.

Key Features

Although each programme is designed to meet the needs of each client organisation, typical programmes:
  • Establish individual needs and a knowledge of the different needs of different people
  • Identify personal values and motivation
  • Clarify career and Work styles
  • Develop Key Communication Skills
  • Increase active listening abilities
  • Build expressive Skills
  • Analyse actual behaviour, building up understanding of it’s effects

In addition we focus on techniques and skills specific to each client. These include:
  • Assertiveness, negotiating and influencing
  • Running successful meetings
  • Interviewing
  • Dealing with problem individuals
  • Motivating and developing others

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