Coaching is a learning process. We use inquiry, reflection, challenging and discussion to help clients identify personal and business goals, develop strategies, relationships and action plans intended to achieve those goals.

We provide a place for clients to be accountable to themselves by monitoring their progress towards implementation of their action plans. We work together they to evolve and modify plans to best suit the client's needs. Clients are responsible for their own achievements and success. We act as a mirror for clients by sharing an outside and unbiased perspective on what we observe.


Whilst teams are made up of individuals, and individual development can and does help team performance, there are often times when the most effective way to elicit really high and consistent performance from a team is for the whole team to undergo development. We have been incorporating Team Coaching into our programmes for many years as a natural and necessary part of creating high performance teams.

We use various psychometric tools, including our own highly acclaimed Team Preferences model, to create a starting point for team development. The whole process involves the whole team examining their interactions, the individual and team development needs and committing to support each other through the journey.

We work with individual team members, and act as a facilitator for team development over a period. Similarly to individual coaching we act as a mirror for the team enabling members to understand behaviours and their impact and to develop new more effective ways of working together.

Our Approach

We are qualified and possess a great deal of experience in management, HR and psychology. Working in a business context, we work with the individual’s agenda to focus their energy and skills to the best effect for themselves and the organisation.

Whilst our style is informal and friendly we always aim to:
  • Respecting client confidentiality
  • Agree clear objectives
  • Maintain excellent relationships between all stakeholders
  • Have clear, open communications
  • Regularly evaluate the coaching process and its outcomes.

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