Proactively Managing Change

We deal with Change in a Positive Pro-Active way

We use the idea of Individual Resilience and combine recent findings with well-accepted models such as the Transition Curve. We find this approach much more useful than the many fatalistic change programmes which explain, but don’t offer much help.

The change module achieves two main objectives:

  • Helping individuals to develop strategies to improve their ability to maintain effectiveness during Change
  • Helping organisations and Team Leaders to improve radically the chances of changes meeting their aims.

The programme outlines a number of key steps:


  • What type of change
  • The process of change itself
  • The key roles which must be filled
  • Why and what forms resistance take, how to deal with them
  • Understanding personal reaction to change via the transition curve
  • How to gain commitment to the change
  • The effect of existing organisational culture on change
  • Combining change with values


  • Using an ADEPT questionnaire, individuals can measure their resilience - their individual innate ability to deal with change, identifying strengths and areas needing development.
  • Working with managers we identify where and why past changes have failed to be implemented successfully


  • Working with individuals, we devise steps which can help an individual to increase their resilience and therefore their effectiveness during change.
  • Working with Initiators of change we help to devise plans and strategies for introducing real changes more effectively

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