Career Development Programme

A unique and powerful programme, helping people to:
  • Understand their strengths
  • Focus and develop energies and talents resulting in blossoming performance
  • Benefits employers and employees by harnessing skills and motivation to the benefit of the organisation.

It is highly effective for:
  • Enabling high flyers to build on strengths and direct their energies
  • Re-energising stalled careers
  • Enriching senior managers’ performance

Specific benefits:
  • Getting the right people in place for organisational success
  • Identifying individual strengths, preferences and development needs
  • Setting realistic – but stretching - career development plans
  • Empowering development/succession plans
  • Increasing motivation and commitment
  • Enhancing everyday performance
  • Creating highly competent staff

Key Features

Each programme is designed to suit the needs of the particular organisation. However, a typical programme contains the following elements:

Establishing the Organisational Context
  • Understanding the key business issues in the organisation.
  • Uncovering the key competencies needed for success.

Phase One
  • Individual Interviews/Analysis
  • In-depth interview on career history, successes, development objectives.
  • Feedback of key self-assessment career questionnaires
  • 360° feedback on work practices

Phase Two

An intensive three-day workshop focusing on present and future career development. Areas covered include:

  • Career preferences, anchors, patterns, work values
  • Organisational and Team preferences
  • Learning, Communication and Management Styles
  • Key strengths and Development Areas
  • Management skills input
  • Individual Resilience – Pro-activity and Change
  • Complex management and Communications skill exercise
  • In depth feedback from tutors and participants
  • Career planning and winning support for change

Phase Two

Post-workshop development interviews:

  • Following up and consolidating career planning
  • Mentoring and coaching on individual issues
  • Focusing implementation actions

The ADEPT Career Development Programme is used by many companies worldwide including:

  • Blackwells
  • Bull Information Systems
  • R K Carvill
  • EMC
  • Prudential
  • Unilever
  • Unisys

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