Our Values & Beliefs

Respect for Others – we believe that customers and their staff deserve to be treated as we would like to be treated ourselves. This value means we deal honestly with all those we deal with, respecting that every individual has choices, in the work they do, the their own beliefs and styles. It also means we will challenge people regarding the impact they have on others.

Openness to New Ideas – we are always exploring new ideas, thoughts and research to continuously improve what we are able to offer to all those we deal with. We do this whilst keeping the tried and tested. We definitely work in “Box 4”.

Integrity – we feel privileged to be asked to understand and be involved in customers’ businesses and individuals’ confidential thoughts and plans. We respect this confidentiality dealing with information and knowledge with complete discretion.

Practical – for us it is paramount that ideas and solutions are outcome focused. Theory and understanding are only the first step – they must lead to achievement of the goals of both organisations and individuals to be of any value.

Supporting – we are passionate in believing individuals need to be supported when making behavioural changes. We work long-term with organisations and their people to provide this support. Our style has been described as a “Loving Boot” – challenging, yet supportive and caring.

Business Focused – We strive to raise and then exceed our customers’ expectations. Achieving the organisation’s business goals by helping its people to achieve more than they believed possible is our aspiration.

Company Profile

We formed ADEPT in 1993 to bring together a group of like-minded people with a variety of talents and experience who shared the same Values. We are business focused, who believe Corporate Success is achieved first and foremost by enabling individuals release their potential and we work with organisations to accomplish this.