Translating Human Potential into Enhanced Corporate Performance

At Adept Consulting we believe that in today’s ever-changing and uncertain world of complexity, Corporate Success is only achieved by developing people within the organization to release their potential.

We passionately believe that enabling the development of the employees and managers ability to be innovative and fully use their talents is the way to ensure long term success of any organisation.

Adept Consulting is based in the UK, we have worked with clients in many parts of the world including Afghanistan, Armenia, Australia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Bosnia, Burma, Caribbean, Finland, France, Georgia, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uganda, U.K., and U.S.A.

Our Values

Our passion at Adept Consulting is to work with our clients developing their people to use their talents to the full, creating energized effective teams and enduring, flexible, successful organisations with leaders throughout the organisations who believe that people when motivated will always deliver beyond what is expected.

Working within the organisational context, we engage first at the individual level and through them nurture strong teams focused on lasting organisational performance. We are fervent in our belief that such excellence is not the product of a “course”, however good it may be. It requires involvement in a multiplicity of ways – day-to-day at work; pre-programme; post-programme learning groups and of course coaching, both team and one to one.

True lasting change happens through individuals having the knowledge, skills and desire to make it happen – true self-development.

We work to strongly held values:

Business Focused

Our purpose is our clients’ success. We design our interventions to deliver agreed results for the business in practical way.


Adept Consulting always strive to treat those individuals and organisations with whom we have contact with respect integrity and openness.


Our clients benefit from our very high working standards, developed and maintained through continuous feedback from clients and participants


Work is essentially about getting things done. So are the programmes from Adept Consulting. We foster participants’ development through exercises, feedback and reflection, work-related activities, and informal and interactive discussion. Participants are encouraged to learn actively. Passivity has no part in our programmes.

ADEPT Consulting helps people and organisations to be their best. We take pride in working in partnership with some of the world’s leading organisations in tackling the complex challenges they face, such as formulating and implementing strategic development, leadership and change.


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Adept Consulting Core Team

Barry Aiken

With many years of experience as a senior HR Director, Barry has a passion for developing people by creating and implementing practical development interventions enabling individuals to fully realize their talents in an organisational setting. Read more…


Dr Bill Krouwel

One of the foremost authorities on experiential learning, Bill’s deep practical experience is grounded on rigorous intellectual research and knowledge.

Bill’s programme designs ensure multi-faceted individual learning is linked to the team and organisation needs. Read more…


Ralph Lewis

Ralph is a highly respected Leadership Development consultant and coach working with people at all levels in a wide variety of organizations. This includes working as a Programme Director at London Business School. He has worked with a number of blue-chip organizations on strategy and culture change programmes. Read more…



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